There are several routes to success!

Hello lovely,

Happy Sunday! How are you? It’s a rather chilly but beautiful day here in my little corner of the UK.

I was thinking this morning about my younger self – the sixteen year old me to be exact, and I was smiling as thought back to how confusing life was then! Now I’m not going to profess that I have it all worked out now, as I really don’t but I’ve learnt that it’s ok to enjoy the journey that is life!


Let me take you back 11 years. I’m 16, just completed my GCSE’s with relative success and I’m now sitting in the stuffy assembly hall of my sixth form college, with my new head of year standing at the front about to ramble on at us. We had these assemblies at least once a week yet this is the only one I remember, and I remember because of one very defining statement that my HOY said…
“If you’re not planning on going to university, why are you here?”

Bam. Ouch.

There’s no point in studying for Alevels unless you’re planning on going onto uni.

I had never once considered leaving school at 16. It wasn’t even an option for me! And furthermore, I am so pleased I did study for my A Levels as not only did I walk away with qualifications, I grew up in those two years! I learnt about myself, about friendships and relationships. I had my first boyfriend and changed my style about 15 times! I got my first part time job and was eased into the world of working.

But now I was basically being told that by making the decision to study on after 16, I was essentially committing myself to studying until I was 21. And that was the rhetoric for the next two years of my life. So, I absorbed all this information and went along with the “Uni is the only way” mantra, ending up studying English Literature and Language at Brighton University – for two weeks.

Yep! I’m a university drop out.


I’m a university drop out that has run two small businesses and now works full time as an Community Fundraiser for a National Charity.

I’m a university drop out because at the age 16/17, I had no idea what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be or who I wanted to become! I choose a course because I enjoyed the subject and it was broad so would simply enable me to be able to say I had a degree without pigeon holeing my into one career stream.

I’m a university drop out that has learnt there are several routes to success! If you are prepared to work hard and stay motivated, you will find the path that best suits you.

Until next time, x.

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