You’re tired, not uninspired!

Today whilst sitting at my desk at my 9-5, I lacked any kind of motivation. I had plenty to get on with (as ever) but my get-up-and-go and had well and truly got-up-and-gone!
My normal passionate, organised and on it self clearly had somewhere else to be!

I muddled through my day and head home, hoping that business planning and blog writing would be the kick I needed but found myself sitting in my dressing gown with a cuppa and a chocolate bar, watching the Real Houswives of OC. Little side note – watching rich people spend money doesn’t motivate you either!

I was genuinely concerned that the drive and motivation that had been so strong over the last few weeks had dried up and that maybe it was just a fleeting glimmer without any real substance behind it.

Not wanting to dwell on that thought, I allowed myself to have an evening of rest. I switched off completely, watching TV and flims with my better half and put aside the business books I’d been reading and switched off from the facebook groups I’d been following. The last thing I wanted was to look at anything that literally hours ago had made me feel so positive and motivated, when right now I was feeling anything but.

But mid way through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part one) something wonderful happened. I began thinking about JK Rowling and about the struggles she encountered before the 13th publisher she sent her manuscript to finally picked it up – look at her now!
It sparked inspiration back into me again… I immediately felt that fire relight and grabbed my laptop and starting typing away. Allowing myself to take a break from planning world domination (not literally of course) was exactly what I needed. I wasn’t unmotivated and at my limit, I was simply tired and need to recuperate.

I was tired, not uninspired.

It made me realise that on this entrepreneurial journey, the fire won’t always be burning so brightly. I’m going to have days where I need to shut off and that is ok! The important thing is to allow yourself to have the time you need, so you can bounce back when you’re ready! x.

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