This is my Year.

2018 is my year.
I don’t mean that in the sense that I’m running at my huge goals and smashing every challenge. I’ve done that year in year out and won, and lost. And yes I will continue to aim for the sky, but I mean this is my year to be, me.
I’m going to be unapologetically, truly authentically me! I’m going to look after me and do what makes me happy.
I’m going to push myself to reach my goals but I’m going to ensure my goals are achievable and allow myself to fail sometimes. Failure is the best teacher after all.
This year, I’m going to accept myself.
When I look in the mirror, I’m not the girl I was a few years ago, but she’s still a part of who I am now and has never left me. And whats more, the woman I am now has so much more to bring to the table! This last year or so hasn’t been the easiest but has been a learning curve that I am better for running up and will be a springboard for my future.
I am, right now, in an amazing place in my life where things have never been better. I’m therefore going to allow myself to be who and what I am, right now. And though as I write this, I’m not really sure who that is, that’s ok! I’m an entrepreneur, an employee, a performer, a partner, a sister, a daughter, a soon to be aunty!
I’m me! And this is my year to be exactly that.
I will not define myself anymore and I won’t be pigeoned holed. I won’t strive to be the girl I grew out of but I will hold onto her strengths and lessons. I won’t aim to be some fantasized version of myself but will hold true to my dreams and aspirations.
I’m going to be unapologetically, truly authentically me!
M xx

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